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    SPRINKS Cake Dowels 1 pce

    Available in 2 sizes


    Sold as 1 piece not a box.

    Sprinks Cake Dowels are a specialized type of "food-safe" plastic dowel designed for creating stacked and tiered cakes. They offer several advantages over conventional dowels, including:

    Size: LARGE opaque dowels with a length of 35cm (approximately 13.78 inches) and a diameter of 1.60cm (approximately 0.63 inches). This size is considered standard for use in stacking cakes with up to 3 tiers. SMALL are length of 30cm (approximately 11.8 inches) and a diameter of 8mm (approximately 0.31 inches). This size is considered standard for use in stacking cakes with up to 3 tiers.

    Opaque Design Tube: The opaque nature of these dowels allows the cake to pass through them without compressing it. This is a notable advantage as compared to conventional dowels, which may compress the cake. The design helps maintain the structural integrity and presentation of the cake.

    Material Engineering: The plastic used to make these dowels has been specially engineered to provide the necessary strength and support to hold the weight of tiered cakes. This engineering ensures that the dowels are sturdy and reliable.

    Easy to Cut: Sprinks Cake Dowels are easy to cut with strong scissors/shears, making it convenient to adjust their length to fit your specific cake design.

    Visibility: The opaque nature of these dowels makes it easy to see and locate them when disassembling the cake, simplifying the process of removing the supports without damaging the cake.

    Sanitary and Disposable: These dowels are designed to be sanitary and disposable, which is a hygienic feature for use in food preparation. You can dispose of them after use, eliminating the need for cleaning and reusing them. Place them in your recycle bin.

    No Chemical Treatment:  These dowels are not chemically treated, which means they are free from potentially harmful substances that could leach into the cake.

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