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    Trust Our Mont Marte Acrylic Paint for Quality and Durability

    Are you only starting to work with acrylic paint now? We believe that Mont Marte acrylic paint is one of the best acrylic brands you can use, and they provide a high viscosity paint for fine art. The paint is very thick, which means there will be added texture to your work. You can dilute the paint and control the texture of your painting.

    Tips for When You Buy Acrylic Paints Cheap

    Buying paint cheap will more than likely leave you with a substandard product, and we would advise that you research your brands and acrylic types before you buy online. We make it easy for you by stocking only what we know is a trusted, reliable acrylic brand.

    • What kind? There are different kinds of acrylic paint to choose from, and it is best first to understand what type of art you are setting out to create and which paint will work best for the job. We stock semi-matte acrylic as well as an intro set with eight colours in 18ml tubes, so you have a variety to choose from as starting set.
    • Glitter: Enhance your acrylic work by layering with glitter paint. It is best to use a matte acrylic when you layer it over to enhance your painting.
    • Metallic: If glitter paint is a bit too over the top for you, then you can always opt for metallic acrylic paint when you want to add a bit more shine and glamour to your artwork. We have metallics in six shimmering colours, also from Mont Marte.

    Acrylic is the preferred medium for painters as it is a thick, versatile paint in many colours, it’s water-resistant, and the paint dries extremely fast compared to enamel or the more pastel watercolours.

    What Sets Us Apart Regarding a Mont Marte Acrylic Paint Set

    No matter if you are only starting with painting now, it is worthwhile to invest in an acrylic paint set, so you have all the colours you need. We would also recommend a mixing palette and knife to get you started.

    • Acrylic set: Our painting sets are also from Mont Marte, with the acrylic set including 18 different high gloss colours. These paints can be mixed with mediums and used for a variety of painting styles. 
    • Palette ‘n paint set: If you are more interested in painting in watercolour, which can be a more difficult medium to work with, we would recommend the palette ‘n paint set. This set includes a palette for mixing your Gouache 12-piece watercolour set.
    • Payment options: We offer you AfterPay so you can immediately get painting because not all masterpieces can wait until payday. You will only pay for your purchase in four fortnightly interest-free payments. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about having the funds ready when you add to cart.

    We can’t wait for you to start your painting journey with us, and to be your trusted online Mont Marte supplier of all things arts and crafts and we don’t sell any acrylic paint set cheap, so you can always count on us for quality.

    About Craft2u

    The joy of painting and creating something from scratch is hard to replicate, and we have a variety of supplies, hobby options and more that will bring your masterpiece to life. We will gladly refund you or exchange any faulty or incorrect item and will even throw in free shipping for orders over $95. 

    Contact us if you have any questions about our products.