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    What You Should Know About Fiddlesticks Yarn in Australia

    When you’re looking for a quality thread to complete your knitting or crochet project, fiddlesticks yarn in Australia is an exceptional, easy to use and colourful product. We have an extensive range of different colours and ply, so you are sure to find one that suits your requirements. Our online store means that you can purchase from the comfort of your home.

    Tips for Getting More Value Out of Fiddlesticks Yarn

    Consider our tips for selecting your knitting yarn.

    • Choosing based on colour: Think about your colour choice carefully as bright, or novelty yarn can hide complicated patterns yet it is perfect for when your project has simple stitch work. A plain or solid colour yarn is ideal when your knitting pattern creates texture, as it will make this detail stand out more than multicoloured fibre. If you are a beginner knitter, brightly coloured yarn can also be hard to see, which can make fixing mistakes more difficult to correct.
    • Select the yarn recommended by your pattern: Various threads have different elasticity, which is why you should use the one suggested for your project to ensure your completed product is identical to the pattern. Should you opt to use a different yarn, ensure the substitute is the same elasticity as the recommendation and, to avoid running out halfway through your project, buy extra balls.
    • Use the correct tools: Select the yarn weight based on the needle or hook you want to use. Alternatively, if you find a yarn that would be perfect for your project, check the recommended needle or hook size and purchase the correct one with your yarn order.

    What You Can Expect from Craft2u Regarding Fiddlesticks Knitting Yarn

    We provide exceptional customer service and quality yarns.

    • Extensive colour range: You can select the ideal colour for your project with our wide range of hues, including pale, dark and bright tones. 
    • Different yarn types: Our Fiddlesticks range includes yarn of different ply such as eight and sixteen so you can select the best choice for your project. These products are a soft acrylic that has an anti-piling finish to ensure your knitted product looks smooth. You can easily take care of a knitted sweater or garment made with Fiddlesticks yarn with a warm machine wash.
    • Tools and accessories: We have a range of knitting and crocheting tools and accessories you may need to complete your project. These products include various sized needles and hooks.

    About Craft2u

    Our Australian owned and operated business has an extensive yarn selection to ensure that you can find the right product to complete your project. We have a broad range of knitting and crochet needles so you can purchase everything you need in one shop. You can readily order online, and we provide free shipping on purchases over a certain amount. Contact our friendly, knowledgeable team for help getting the right products to suit your project, or order your yarn online.