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    We Offer a Wide Selection of Alcohol Inks For Your Next Project 

    Whether you are a famous artist or a budding beginner, we have the alcohol inks for you. Craft2u is the best place to find the supplies you need. Discover why so many people depend on our knowledge and customer service to ensure they have the best products at the most affordable prices. 

    When Buying Cheap Alcohol Inks Consider This

    When you begin your next project using our cheap alcohol inks, we recommend the best surfaces for your artwork. Learn the advantages of unique canvasses for your ink masterpiece.

    • Yupa paper is a synthetic, water-resistant watercolour paper that allows your ink paintings to retain their bright colours and crisp edges. Yupa paper is excellent for mixed media, as well. The paper enables you to experiment with sponges and droppers, which will add texture to your creation.
    • If you have tie-dyed fabric in the past, you already have experience using ink to dye fabrics. Dying silk with alcohol Inks gives it an ethereal look that pleases the eye. You can use the ink to dye cloth shoes, pillows, tablecloths, or sewing fabric. The possibilities are endless.
    • Gallery-worthy alcohol ink art on metal showcases the work beautifully, as the aluminium canvases display eye-inspiring art. For more crafty alternatives, artists dye jewellery, thermoses, and teakettles. Other metals used with alcohol inks include stainless steel, brass, and copper.

    Tips for When you Buy Alcohol Inks

    When you’re ready to buy alcohol inks for the first time, we can educate you on the additional supplies to become a future impressionist painter. Learn how to get started. 

    • Begin your first project with at least two or three cheap alcohol inks. Since you will mix and blend them for various colours, beginning with just a few is ideal. The best material with which to start the process is yupo paper, which isn’t paper at all. It is synthetic with non-porous attributes that make it perfect for the beginner. 
    • It is essential to have isopropyl alcohol, also known as rubbing alcohol. You will want a 91 percent base since anything lower may contain unwanted oils or other substances. Due to the strong fumes associated with the ink and the alcohol, it is best to work in an open area or near a window with fans running. A respiratory mask and gloves are essential to protect your health.
    • The more tools you have to manipulate the liquid, the more fun you’ll have in creating your masterpiece. Straws, a blow dryer, and liquid droppers are implements that will help you complete the final product.

    About Craft2u

    With over 14 years in the industry, we focus on exceptional products for you. Whether you want to buy ink, yarn, epoxy casting, modge podge, or alcohol inks, we want to supply affordable products for your artistic endeavours. We stand out with our quick delivery of any product ordered online, and our exceptional customer service. We are a family business with a commitment to offering you the highest level of service. 

    Please contactus with any questions, place your order online or stop by our store today.